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Community is the fundamental of Blockchain
And Jarvis+ is to redefine Community with AI
At Your Service

Jarvis+ redefines how users interact with Blockchain so that everyone can use Blockchain and Smart Contract in natural languages, while Blockchain project can get closer to community and understand community better.
Jarvis+ is A decentralized service of conversation in any IM, webpage, or App. A personal token assistant. And A powerful AI conversation infrastructure that could be embeded into any use scenario of Blockchain.

Natural Language is the Future UI
Jarvis+ Introduce Future to Solve the Needs of Blockchain Community
Blockchain Community
Service & Management
Jarvis+'s AI conversation engine can support any social platform and any mainstream application. With Jarvis+, Blockchain team only need to do some simple setups and prepare initial training sets, and quickly Jarvis+ can take over a lot of community operations. In this way, team can devote more time to the development progress and landing of the project.
Internet Community +
The Jarvis+ platform allows the Internet community to connect to the Blockchain without having to worry about the tedious details of Smart Contracts. For example, community members can publish tasks at any time through human language or text, which will be converted into Smart Contracts automatically. Other members can understand the contents of the Smart Contract through natural language and decide whether to participate.
Transaction of Assets
Traders only need to use human language to communicate with Jarvis+. They can query the price of a certain crypto-currency, complete the transaction with the best price, and send the progress and results with push messages, etc. The user experiences can even be better than the private banking services.
Matthew Connor
General Manager of Firelight Technologies, architect and head of FMOD, a famous game development engine. Being a Geek, Matthew jumped into the Blockchain industry since 2015. Matthew is widely recognized as an influential early evangelist and proponent of blockchain+AI.
Ben Robertson
Senior Manager of Zen Ecosystems. Zen Ecosystems is a high-tech company focused on energy optimization using innovative technologies such as AI Deep Learning and IOT. Ben has many years of exploration on the integration of AI and innovation business, and is also working on the design and incubation of Blockchain projects.
Stephen Wu
Serial entrepreneurs, have led the team many times to complete the process of from zero to one, and have rich overseas community operation experiences.
Alex Lee
The head of the Microsoft Blockchain business in China, have successfully helped many well-known Bockchain projects and companies to grow rapidly, such as NEO, OnChain, Bobby, Fun Chain, and Complex Beauty.
Terender Zhang
Senior technical leaders in the information technology and Internet industries, have been engaged in network and server architecture design, GPU computing, and game engine development for more than ten years.
Dean Gao
The founder of the Infinite Artificial Intelligence Institute (AITC) and the chief representative of the German Institute of Artificial Intelligence in China. He has served as President of the United States VoiceBox Corporation and Director of Microsoft's China Innovation Business Cooperation.
Roc Sheh
Microsoft China chief AI technical architect and consultant, landing Microsoft AI technology in various milestone projects such as Youdao, WeChat, CITIC, and Autohome. Roc has very rich AI project experiences and is recognized as one of the TOP Geeks in this field.
Advisor & Investor
Tony Tao
 Founder of X-Order, partner of NEO Global Capital, ex-Chairman of NEO Council, a well-known cryptocurrency investor, and also a famous writer and thinker of Blockchain.
Pengtao Lin
 Core developers and chief evangelists for NEO ecosystem. Pengtao is an opinion leader in Chinese cryptocurrency & opensource community.
Tom Gotuzzo
 Tom is Senior Vice President of RiskPro, a US financial risk control technology company, and was Vice President of Global Sales and Business of Voicebox, a former intelligent voice company. Tom has rich experiences in the global commercialization of AI and big data technology, and he is recognized as an industry pioneer and opinion leader.

Hai Shi
 In charge of the development and operation of the world's largest sandbox game "Minecraft". Prior to this, Hai had been responsible for the operation and ecological construction of the Microsoft game platform in the Asia Pacific region for a long time. Before joining Microsoft, he was the head of the game department at Ubisoft, Sony and other companies.

Bo Shen
 Cofounder of Fenbushi Capital and BTS, early investor of Ethereum, friend of Vitalik, and one of the earliest Blockchain investors and entrepreneurs.
James Gong
 Aka Baozou, famous Blockchain opinion leader in China, Founder of ICOAGE (formerly the largest ICO platform in China) and ChainB (the largest Chinese blockchain media).
Joe Zhou
 Founder of MUHE network, co-founder and technical consultant of CarBlock. Being an edge technology pursuer, Joe led MUHE to become one of the first Chinese smart phone app developers (2010) and one of the first Html5 game developers (2011). Joe also helped to incubate and design the CarBlock Blockchain project (2017).
Michael Xiong
 As a partner of Daxin Certified Public Accountants, a core member of Hualong Securities, and also a member of the Finance Committee of the Zhongguancun Credit Promotion Committee, Michael has nearly 20 years of financial company and listed company (IPO) audit experience and financial management experience.
History & Future
Framework 1.0
Road Map
The 2nd innovative
Jarvis+ application
AI Bot Dapp
Online Testing
The 1st innovative
Jarvis+ application
Token Design
Jarvis+ Token Economy is implemented in two phases:
1. Ethereum Dapp + AI Bot service. It will focus on achieving AI capabilities and merging AI Bot services into the Token Economy in the most economical way.
2. Implement a dual Token system. When phase 1 is verified, a Dual Token system will be impelemented to protect value while encourage circulation.
JarvisPlus Coin
JAR is designed for the management of the Jarvis+ ecosystem with a total of 600 million. The minimum unit of JAR is 0.000000001. JAR adopts DPOS and thus it will not be as costly and inefficient as Bitcoin's proof-of-work (POW) mechanism.
JarvisPlus Gas
*Phase 2
The JPG is a fuel Token with a maximum total cap of 600 million, which is used to achieve resource control for Jarvis+ Eco. The use of the Jarvis+ service requires the consumption of JPGs, which will be reassigned to JAR holders as rewards. The minimum unit of JPG is 0.000000001.
Token Structure
Community 45%
Community supporters who provide early funding will receive a certain JAR as a reward.
Ecosystem 35%
For eco-incubation, marketing, business development, and legal compliance to maintain the rapid development of the community and the health of ecosystem. This portion of the JAR will be activated from the date of the first exchange on-line and will be unlocked in three years, one third for each year.
Partners 10%
AI and other industry experts, consultants, and partners.
Team 10%
The Jarvis+ core team's JAR will be unlocked quarterly by three years.
Jarvis+ is in Private Sale
MAX 100,000,000 JAR
1 NEO = 1200 JAR
★Or equivalent other cryptocurrencies
★Only ecosystem partner or verified institutes
MAX 40,000,000 JAR
1 NEO = 1000 JAR
★Or equivalent other cryptocurrencies
35% R&D
35% Operation
20% Marketing
5% Legal Services
5% Misc